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What it is
imsptool is a command line tool to communicate with an IMSP server. In particular, it allows you to create, delete, import, and export address books. imsptool imports and exports using the LDIF format. Netscape Messenger and LDAP directory servers such as OpenLDAP use this file format directly. Also included is webimsp. webimsp is a set of perl scripts that allow users to view IMSP address books on the web.
What is IMSP?
IMSP is an internet protocol designed to complement IMAP. It stores additional mail user agent configuration information, including address books. IMSP is supported by very few mailers (Simeon by Esys Corp. and Mulberry are two I know of) and is consided obsolete. The ACAP protocol was designed to replace IMSP, but hasn't really caught on yet. X.500/LDAP is becoming the standard way to store large e-mail directories.
Why was it written?
imsptool was developed to provide an easy way to use IMSP address books in Netscape Messenger. Additionally, it can be used to migrate IMSP address books to LDAP directories.
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